Medical Chart Reviews

If you are a medical, legal or insurance entity looking for reliable medical chart reviews, OSI (Outsource Strategies International) is your ideal provider. We organize all the needed information from a patient chart, from which we prepare summaries highlighting vital information for further review and analysis.

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Outsourced Chart Review Service

Catering to a Diverse Clientele

With more than a decade’s experience in the industry, OSI serves a diverse clientele.

  • Attorneys
  • Case / chart review firms
  • Independent medical examiners
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical-legal consultants
  • Physicians
  • Private corporations
  • Social security disability firms

We specialize in developing solutions in keeping with individual client requirements and specifications.

Reviewing the Medical Chart – Steps Involved

  • Medical chart audit: This is to ensure that all patient information in the chart is complete and accurate.
  • Medical record organization: Chronological arrangement of the medical records so that they are easy to read and quickly navigable. This will help you clearly understand the sequence of medical encounters and events.
  • Missing records are identified and a list is generated.
  • Duplicate records are deleted and a log created for the same.
  • Bates numbering is provided for a permanent record.
  • Summaries are created to quickly review complex/critical medical information.

Unbiased and Accurate Reviews

We prepare unbiased and accurate reviews that are invaluable in the investigation of medical negligence. They will help you conclude if medicine had been inappropriately prescribed, if any procedure(s) carried out failed to follow the recommended procedures, and/or if monitoring had not succeeded in identifying notable issues. These also help in speedy settlement of insurance claims.

We offer competitive pricing for medical chart review; with us you get to enjoy 30 to 50% cost savings.

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