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The medical billing form is an integral part of the medical billing process. Medical billing is the process by which claims are issued to insurance companies or the US government to ensure that a doctor or any other healthcare provider is paid for his services to a patient. To deliver the required payment, the insurance company should have an idea of the diagnosis, treatment rendered to the patient and his duration of stay in the hospital. The doctor provides this information to a medical coder or billing specialist who then prepares a billing record usually on a standardized medical billing form called an HCFA (Health Care for All).

Medical Billing Form for

Medical Claims

For a long time, the HCFA 1500 was the only medical billing form in use. This red and white form contains the patient’s personal details such as name, address, date of birth, social security number etc. It also includes the patient’s medical diagnosis and treatment along with the charges for each. The printed out form is provided to the insurance provider and the required payment is made.

Now in addition to the HCFA 1500 form, there are other medical billing forms like UB-92, CMS-1450, and HCFA-1450. The UB-92 billing form was designed to standardize and increase the submission of electronic claims and co-ordination of benefits exchange. It provides for electronic submission of claims for healthcare received in an institutional setting to payers. It is also used to exchange healthcare claims and payment information between payers with different payment responsibilities. CMS-1450 and HCFA-1450 are only alternative names for UB-92.

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In addition to the above forms, there are the CMN (Certificate of Medical Necessity) forms. CMNs are required for certain items such as wheelchairs. A disabled person who is in need of a wheelchair will not get it if the CMN is not submitted. For patients to get other aids like osteotherapy devices also, CMNs are required. Because of growing competition between rival companies, prices of all medical billing forms have come down.

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