Medical Document Scanning

Medical document scanning is the first step towards meeting the criteria for meaningful use of a certified Electronic Health Record EHR system. Outsource Strategies International (OSI) helps can help your medical practice gain significant clinical, operational, and financial benefits by enabling a smooth transition from paper to electronic records. Our document scanning company provides timely and efficient solutions to incorporate digitized health information into your workflow and ensure the continuity and transparency in operations.

Call at our toll free number 1-800-670-2809 today to see how we can help with your EMR conversion process.

Our Document Conversion Solutions

  • Scanning – Bulk scanning of medical records
  • Optical Character Recognition – OCR conversion of scanned PDF and images into editable Word, Excel and other formats
  • Indexing Service – creating indexed catalogs to allow efficient and rapid document search
  • Storage – Medical records storage on CDs, DVDs and other devices

Our automated processes for data capture and migration into the EHR system help organize key patient data, free up storage space, and reduces tedious filing and risks of missing documents.

Benefits of our Services

  • Space saving: Reduce the need for physical storage space
  • Tracing files effortlessly: Indexed files are easily searchable
  • No more misfiled documents: Once scanned and indexed, misfiled documents become a thing of the past
  • Digital preservation: Digitally stored files do not degrade over time
  • Improved Security: Scanned records are much easier to secure from unauthorized access
  • Sharing and Distribution: Documents can be shared instantaneously among multiple users
  • Economical: Costs associated with storing and maintaining paper documents can be eliminated

Why Choose Us?

  • Onsite medical record scanning – ensures highest level of security for medical documents
  • Offsite medical record scanning – High quality document images offsite based on client requirements
  • Specialized domain knowledge – In workflow, processes, EMR conversions
  • Healthcare focus – Trained professionals who understands the specific document scanning requirements of the healthcare sector
  • In-depth expertise – Can handle high volume projects with ease
  • Proven results –guaranteed timely results

We are extremely sensitive about the regulations that affect the medical industry and the confidentiality of patient’s personal information. Our medical document scanning services are fully HIPAA compliant.