Medical Review Transcription Services

Are you in search of a company specializing in medical review transcription services? Then you have arrived at the right spot. Outsource Strategies International is a leading medical review transcription service provider you can rely on. Medical review transcription is one of the most sophisticated areas in the allied healthcare industry. Headquartered in Oklahoma and with offshore locations in India and the Philippines, OSI offers various types of medical transcription services to the clients in the United States as well as outside the nation.

From the time of its inception, OSI has handled work for hospitals, large healthcare medical facilities and medical insurance carriers. Here at OSI, we use the best combination of state-of-the-art systems and technologies to provide the most adequate medical review transcription services. Medical Transcription Free Trial

With our highly talented and skilled medical transcriptionists, we can transcribe medical documents for hospitals, large healthcare facilities, and individual practitioners. Our core team of talented transcriptionists provides error free transcribed documents with a good document flow management system. They work 365 days, 24/7 with 99% accuracy.

Our medical transcription company provides medical review transcription services through toll free telephone, digital recorders, and computer dictation systems. The medical review reports transcribed by our transcriptionists will be reviewed by our efficient proofreaders, editors and medical experts. Just dictate the details to us, we will furnish you secure HIPAA compliant documents, on prescribed format. Completed reports are sent back to you either by secure encrypted e-mail, secure Internet sites, secure FTP (file transfer protocol), fax, direct modem or hard copy delivery. Please feel free to suggest your preferred option. To meet your specific or unique needs, we can also customize transcription services.

Approach us for affordable and reliable medical review transcription services. To learn more about our medical transcription services, please take a few moments to explore our website. We are also available on the phone round the clock, to answer all your queries regarding medical review transcription services. Also, try out the offer of our free trial version.