Anesthesiology Medical Billing

Because of the unique complexities of the billing process, anesthesiology practices are particularly susceptible to Medicare audits. Entrusting the complex anesthesiology medical billing task to those unfamiliar with the system and surgical terminology can lead to incorrect coding and inaccurate claims.

An experienced hand in meeting the claim submission requirements of various healthcare specialties, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) provides customized medical billing and coding solutions for anesthesiologists in small as well as multi-specialty groups, and free standing diagnostic facilities.

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Medical Billing Services for Anesthesiologists

  • Patient Enrollment
    • Demographic information
    • Insurance information
  • Verification
    • Insurance verifications
    • Authorizations
  • Medical Coding
  • Billing and Reconciling of Accounts
    • Charge entry
    • Cash posting
    • Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable Collections
    • Insurance collection
    • Patient collection
    • Old AR follow up and collections

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An Expert team to Meet Your Requirements

At our medical billing company, we have a dedicated team to provide effective solutions and streamline your billing cycle.

An anesthesia claim is calculated as Base units, Time units and Special units. In keeping with the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ (ASA) updates of these units, we choose the right unit and appropriate anesthesia modifier based on the service provided. Our AAPC-certified professional coders are well trained in using current and accurate CPT codes as well as modifiers based on the factors involved.

We are also ICD-10 ready with a team of staff trained in ICD-10 coding.

What Makes Us Your Trusted Billing Partner?

  • HIPAA-compliant service
  • Ability to process both electronic and paper file claims
  • Flexibility in software usage
  • Strict confidentiality measures
  • Regular QA checking
  • Higher accuracy rate

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