2013: The Year of Digital Health

by | Last updated Jan 6, 2023 | Published on Apr 15, 2013 | Healthcare News

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Digital marketing is in the limelight like never before. The healthcare industry is the latest to benefit and it is expected that marketers will utilize the experience gained from the recent past to chart an exciting digital marketing path to manage all aspects of healthcare in 2013.

  • Mobile applications for healthcare: The use of mobile applications has changed the healthcare scenario in many ways. Mobile apps have improved patient engagement and access to care as patients can interact with their physician from their homes. They have improved patient safety by giving patients tools to manage their own health. Mobile apps also help healthcare providers manage and coordinate patient data better. The “quantified self” health movement is based on giving the user control over personal health data generated by sensors that can be worn and the clinics, hospitals and labs where care is received.
  • Connecting digitally: Digitization has expanded connectivity. Healthcare providers share information via the digital arena, widening the scope for better patient care. The virtual interaction between patients and physicians is promoting the recognition of telemedicine. Skype sessions allow patients and physicians to interact through video conferencing programs from anywhere in the world.
  • Pharmaceutical organizations: Pharma digital marketing is in. With up to 80% of physicians using Smartphones, the pharmaceutical business model will continue to rely on digital modes for marketing, communications, medical matters, market research, and research and development.
  • EMR: EMR, the computerized system of managing data is here to stay, the aim being to move to a paperless healthcare environment. Medical and healthcare field will widely accept the electronic medical report system, though implementation hassles still exist.
  • The mounting cost of healthcare: Healthcare costs are set to increase. The digital revolution is releasing large volumes of health data that is helping to deliver more cost-effective care to all sections of the population.

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