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What are the main skills an SEO (Search engine optimization) professional must have? Here is a list of the skill that any one wanting to do effective SEO must have try and master.

  • Link building skill
  • Keyword analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Account management
  • HTML skills
  • On page SEO tactics like tagging/titling etc
  • Marketing/sales strategies planning / SMO
  • Web analytics
  • Server side management
  • Online public relation skills
  • Awareness of all SEO tools/techniques
  • Blog marketing
  • Ability to research/search online
  • Social SEO media

Leading SEO gurus do realize the importance of the fact that an effective SEO professional must be a person who can always see the big picture and need not necessarily be a specialist at only one thing. Which of these skills do you think is the most important? Take a look at the poll results on the importance of the different SEO skills that was posted some time back by Lee Odden at

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