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Advantages of Medical Transcription OutsourcingMedical transcription is the process of converting dictated information into a standard text format for inclusion on a patient’s permanent medical records issued from a hospital. This is often done far away from the hospital or the location, and in such instances is called offshore transcription or medical transcription outsourcing.

The advantages of medical transcription outsourcing are numerous. The primary advantage is the time gained. In hospitals and clinics, the patients’ physical reports, operative reports, consultation notes, laboratory reports, discharge summaries, and many more are outsourced to medical transcription service providers. These files are usually voice files dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Medical transcriptionists transcribe these files and send them back via secure e-mail. Medical transcription outsourcing allows hospitals, clinics and healthcare personnel to focus more on their core activities.

Another advantage of medical transcription outsourcing is the high end security to the files. The files for transcription are sent through a secure web-enabled voice transfer technology. The files will be accurately transcribed into MSWord, HTML, WordPerfect or ASCII format. These transcribed files are returned through password-protected process. Only authorized personnel can gain access to the medical transcription reports.

Medical transcriptionists are highly skilled in advanced medical terminology and have a thorough understanding of the procedures, policies, and documentation rules required for the production of medical records. Majority of the transcriptionists working in medical transcription companies are graduates in biological sciences. This allows them to understand the terminologies and vocabulary used by a doctor. Thus error free reports can be prepared maintaining high accuracy. Many companies offer medical transcription outsourcing in lower cost.

Low cost for outsourcing is another advantage of medical transcription outsourcing. Hospitals and doctors can now get their transcription done at low cost. With expert transcriptionists, works can be completed in fast turn-around-time.