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Efficient appointment scheduling in healthcare establishes a connection between efficient healthcare services and timely access to these services. A good appointment system would:

  • even out workflow
  • enable health systems to respect provider and patient preferences whilst matching demand and supply
  • reduce the thronging of people in waiting rooms

The efficiency of an appointment scheduling system is reflected in patient satisfaction and revenue gains.

Web-based Appointment Scheduling

Any medical practice which has to handle scores of patients and medical responsibilities cannot afford to waste too much time and money on patient scheduling. This is particularly the case if a physician manages his own medical office.

Web-based appointment scheduling offers several advantages including:

  • Faster patient scheduling
  • Multiple user accessibility
  • Appointments can be accessed by day, month or week
  • Enables creation of appointment reports and other reports
  • Automatic generation of email appointment reminders
  • Makes for easy appointment confirmation and rescheduling
  • Minimizes no-shows

The Outsourcing Option

A number of hospitals, clinics and multi-specialty practices outsource their scheduling work to competent BPO companies. This frees up more time for them to devote to patient care. These BPO companies would answer calls for the client medical establishment on a 24/7 basis just as a call center does, reducing hang-ups from probable patients. They may also offer online appointment scheduling, using either the client’s scheduling software or their own online software. Incorporation of the right appointment scheduling strategy in healthcare is undoubtedly an important thing to consider avoiding loss of patients and profit.