Basic Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Website

by | Last updated Jul 4, 2023 | Published on Sep 7, 2013 | Medical Outsourcing

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In this era of smartphones, tablets and social media, most people do a lot of online research before they make a purchase decision. This also applies when it comes to choosing a physician. That’s why medical SEO is so important these days. Search engine optimization strategies for healthcare websites focus on enhancing the provider’s online visibility for increased targeted traffic. In addition to organic SEO to improve search rankings, here some basic marketing strategies that will help boost the online presence of your medical website.

  • When people visit a website, they look for informative and useful content. When it’s a medical website, one of the first things they look for is information about the physicians and the practice in general. So your site cannot do without a “Physicians” page and an “About Us” page. Your Physicians page should have the details on your qualifications and experience as well as specialties, accolades, and community activities, if any. Include photographs of the specialists in your practice. In the “About Us” page, tell your visitor about your practice, its mission, goals, and what makes your facility different from the rest.
  • You have to provide your website visitor with the exact location of your practice so that they don’t have any difficulty locating you. Details provided must include your office address, mobile or telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and business hours.
  • Have a “Contact Us” or “Make an Appointment” section so that is easy for patients to schedule an appointment. Here is an example of a well-designed ‘Contact’ page:

A professional SEO company that specializes in web marketing for healthcare professionals can provide you with the right on-page strategies to successfully promote your practice.

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