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Medical billing and coding processes having become a mandatory part of the regular medical insurance claim process, irrespective of whether it is from private / government insurance company, Medicare/Medicaid etc. Due to the ever rising need for health care triggered by the increase in the percentage of the aging population, one can be assured that medical billing and coding is going to be an active profession. Today,there are many types and brands of medical billing software that have developed and used in the market.

But, what are the benefits of having electronic medical billing software? Well, the foremost reason of course is because the software will speed up the actual work and greatly improve our work efficiency. The medical billing software can have some or all of the following features and assist us to do the following;

  • Generate faster and better medical claims
  • Lesser errors in billing
  • Can generate variety of reports at one time
  • Customizable reporting
  • Windows based environment
  • Easy access to patient data
  • Short learning curve
  • Clearinghouse service solutions
  • Can handle all commercial carriers plus Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue ShieldPatient/Resource scheduling
  • Multi-provider scheduling views
  • Electronic billing
  • Electronic insurance eligibility checks
  • Patient letters
  • Patient/Insurance billing
  • Automatic remittance
  • Advanced accounts receivables management
  • EMR integration
  • HL7 compliant
  • NPI number ready
  • Tracking of patient demographics, visits /diagnoses
  • Tracking billing information and insurance payments.
  • Appointment scheduling/managing.
  • Reports Gathering
  • Locating a Medical Biller

Among the major benefits of having a medical billing software include improve patient security, achieving of 100% HIPAA compliance, improved collections, faster payment entry, improved front desk and back office efficiency and more.

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