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Quality, safety, and cost effectiveness are among the critical challenges in patient care today. Faced with heavy workloads and an ever-expanding body of medical knowledge, physicians also have to manage their revenue cycle. For this, many physicians choose to rely on professional medical billing and coding services. Providing a comprehensive range of solutions from patient enrollment to benefit verification, coding, claim submission, and auditing for compliant documentation and coding, such services help physicians stay on top of the game.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also supports health care providers in many ways. Physicians are important partners in the CDC’s mission of protecting public health as they are involved in clinical care as well as research and training of cadres of health care providers. To support clinicians in their tasks and make life easier for patients, the CDC offers several medical and health apps on various platforms such as the iOS App Store, the Google Play Android store, and Microsoft Windows 8. Here are the top five CDC apps that physicians should consider downloading:

  • Vaccine Schedules: Optimized for tablets and smartphones, the CDC Vaccine Schedules app is a big help for clinicians who recommend or administer vaccines. It provides immediate access to CDC’s recommended immunization schedules including updates, with correct vaccine, dosage, and timing in 2 or 3 clicks. It shows the child, adolescent, and adult vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).
  • STD Tx Guide 2015: This app is crucial for physicians looking for guidance in the prevention and treatment of STDs. Updates have made it faster and usable without an internet connection. It also provides new information on STD management due to antibiotic resistance.
  • CDC Influenza: This app offers the CDC’s latest recommendations and influenza activity updates. This official app will update information and content automatically when the physician’s mobile device is connected to the internet. It provides important information on how providers can deal with TamiFlu as well as key contraindications.
  • Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI): This app provides comprehensive information on TB including the CDC’s guidelines on latent infection, treatment table with regimen options, disease testing and diagnosis recommendations, education and training resources, and more. Information can be shared via social media.
  • CDC Blast Injury: The Blast Injury app provides information on blast and explosive events, assessment and treatment of blast injuries, a quick reference guide and tools for health care providers and public health professionals. This app can prove a critical tool for life-saving purposes.

These apps are also useful for patients looking for information on these specific conditions. The CDC also offers educational resources for the general public. WebMD reported on two useful iPhone and Android apps that the CDC offered Rio-bound travelers. The “Can I Eat This?” app guides travelers through a series of questions to help them make safe decisions on food and beverages. “TravWell” is a healthy-travel planning app that provides vaccine recommendations and a travel-health packing list.

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