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In the world of online advertisement, one of the most important terms is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and the other is PPC (Pay per Click). PPC is also known as CPC (Cost per Click). Pay per click is an advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content websites/blogs, where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website.

Of late there has been a rise in the investment in SEO. Does it have anything to do with CPC? Yes indeed! Click costs are on the rise and companies that had earlier been investing in PPC campaigns are now focusing their marketing efforts towards Search Engine Optimization. This is mainly because of the trend of rising cost of the CPC and the growing demands for increasing the advertisement budget. Another big problem faced by such companies had been the rising click frauds and so they gave up totally on investments in CPC and replaced it with an active SEO campaign.

What is the main difference between these two types of campaign with regards to effectiveness and the economics of advertisement? Well one must understand that the difference is that while pay per click marketing is more of an advertising investment search engine optimization is an investment in infrastructure. A pay per click marketing campaign has usually a beginning and end, and this makes it easier to determine the return of Investment. (ROI) Remember if any does not show a positive ROI, then the investment should be not be undertaken.

In the case of SEO however it will be a much slower process and results will come only much later but the effects will remain for a longer time. While investing in CPC campaigns the advertisement and the company’s exposure ends the very moment the campaign ends. But if a good position is acquired by SEO efforts, the company will keep getting good traffic and exposure on the SERP (search engine results page) every time some one searches with the relevant key words even when the SEO campaign is over.

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is a US based company that offers services in SEO, SEM, PPC advertising and viral marketing to clients in all the US States, Canada the UK and Australia.