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Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to boost a website’s popularity. Healthcare is one of the fields that have benefited the most from SEO strategies. People browse the Web every day for health-related information and services. Healthcare SEO is dedicated to helping medical websites gain good search engine ranking and traffic.

Social media optimization is one of the main SEO strategies used by these websites. However, a study on social media by the Federation of State Medical Boards found that 71 percent of healthcare organizations are guilty of unprofessional online conduct. Social networking is indeed a very useful online marketing tool, but it has to be utilized with the utmost respect for patient privacy. Here are some important do’s and don’ts of using social media for healthcare SEO:

Things You Can Do

  • Deliver simple healthcare tips: this will help to stay active in social media.
  • Suggest new healthcare products: suggesting new healthcare products helps patients become aware of the industry’s latest offerings; this would increase your popularity and traffic.
  • Include important keywords: keyword optimization will help people searching for information to find your website quickly.
  • Create social media plan with goals: as social media is important for marketing, create an effective plan that can achieve your goals.
  • Interact with your community: online interaction allows you to understand what people think about your services and also to keep an eye on competition. If a patient leaves a feedback, you can always post or share it on your website. This will let others know that your website is active online.
  • Monitor what’s being said: it is highly important to monitor what’s being said about your clinic or business and respond if necessary to safeguard your reputation.

Things You Need to Avoid

  • Avoid medical advice: the medical advice you provide online is seen by many people.  Someone could act on the basis of this without a proper consultation.
  • Don’t mention patient’s issues: mentioning patient’s issues on social media is professional misconduct. Remember that you are duty-bound to treat all patient issues with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Don’t copy others: don’t imitate strategies employed by other websites. You need to be sure what will work best for yours.
  • Don’t expect quick results: never expect quick result in social media; it may take weeks or months to attain best result for your website.
  • Don’t be inactive: always be active by keeping your social media updated with information as this is important to attract potential patients and visitors.

To get hassle free healthcare SEO services and gain a competitive advantage, team up with a professional healthcare SEO company.