How much are presidential candidates willing to spend to get to the White House? According to data from Advertising Analytics analyzed by NPR, the 2020 presidential election saw over $1 billion spent on TV ads for just 13 states! Viral marketing services have also played a major role in campaigning.

Presidential Campaigning Spending of Biden, Trump & Obama

All that financing is focused on six states. Democrat candidate Joe Biden led the way, spending over $600 million. Donald Trump and his support groups, on the other hand, spent just over $400 million. Of every $10 that was spent on television campaigns, nearly $9 has been invested in the six states of Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. That amounts to $882 million. Biden and his allies therefore spent more than Trump and his allied groups by a massive $240 million.

How was it in the days when Barack Obama was campaigning? The Federal Election Commission states that Obama supporters spent around $400 million between the early part of 2011 and the 30th of June, 2012 for his election campaign for a second term. Stepping back a bit, according to David Meerman Scott, author of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”, John Kerry’s endorsement was the key point of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election campaign.

What was special about Kerry’s contribution? He brought a list containing millions of emails of supporters. That email list was in fact the result of Howard Dean’s efforts back in 2003. Dean introduced the resourceful internet as an aspect of presidential campaigning. His email list was built from blogging and viral marketing. Dean then passed on the list to Kerry who built it up further.

This was important, considering that Obama’s campaign in the second quarter made use of contributions worth $10 million. These contributions came through the internet, and 90% of these were made through increments worth $100 or less. Obama could collect $10 million more than Hillary Clinton could manage, and most of that contribution was made as a result of viral marketing.

Viral Marketing a Key Aspect of Campaigning

That brings us to viral marketing – the tool that presidential candidates have relied on, along with television and print media, to ensure their campaigns make an impact. It’s all about using existing social networks for promoting something. Social media users then take it up and spread the news. Such campaigns spread like a virus.

Social networks are all about user-generated content. And if your marketing message – shared via a post on these social networks – catches up with your audience, they share it themselves. The extent of spending for presidential campaign marketing has been significant. Let’s reduce your cost without reducing the effectiveness of viral marketing as the presidents have shown.

How to Create Engaging Posts for Your Practice

The Covid-19 pandemic has been detrimental to the growth of various organizations, including medical and dental practices. But, as the election campaigning shows, viral marketing can help you reach out to your existing patients as well as new ones.
To do so let’s start with your posts on the various social networks. They can target the following aspects:

  • The steps you’ve taken to ensure cleanliness and safety at your practice
  • The measures in place to isolate patients with suspected Covid-19 symptoms
  • If you’re a recognized Covid-19 testing facility, how advanced and user-friendly is the testing process?
  • Dental practices particularly needed to focus on security measures within the consulting room

Beyond Covid-19, there are other topics you can create posts on to generate interest and trust in your practice.

  • Include informative posts about the various health conditions you treat. You can mention treatment procedures in detail. Also, provide health tips and product recommendations.
  • “How to” tips to prevent various medical or dental conditions can prove your authority on the topic.
  • Ensuring total compliance with HIPAA guidelines, you seek permission from your patients to provide testimonials of how your treatment has benefited them. Ensure that such posts don’t sound like marketing pitches.
  • News related to medicine/dentistry in helping patient life easier.
  • Topics that are trending from prominent medical and dental organizations
  • Profiles of you and your team members to stay transparent with return/new visitors.

Social media marketing is another great way for doctors and dentists to build relationships with their audience.

  • You can use social media to assure patients you can provide them a pain-free and safe experience. This can be done even before they visit the office.
  • Highlight your track record, experience in your specialty, and authority
  • Once you have built trust among your audience, encourage patients to engage in the conversation by posting a poll or an online contest.

As your content becomes more engaging, Your followers check it out and, if they like it enough to share, it’ll go from your friends, to their friends or followers. The process keeps going on and on till your post and your account becomes popular. That draws in more followers to directly follow you as well; starting with you posting.

The services of an innovative viral marketing company are probably just what your business needs to stand out among the competition. Create engaging posts – through unique or exciting videos, informative infographics, thought-provoking images, quotes, etc. No matter the content option, each social network has its own feature highlights.

Social Media & there Featured Highlights

  • With YouTube it’s videos, while Facebook can have videos, images or infographics.
  • Twitter can carry links to your blog posts or website pages as well as quotes.
  • Instagram needs unique photos and short videos to attract the younger audience who are usually drawn to it.
  • LinkedIn can include more insightful and informative long posts.

Unless you know each of these platforms, take some time to consider what using any of them would mean for your business. There is a social media platform out there that will fit your medical or dental practice the best. We are here to help when you’re ready.

Nevertheless, using just these tips and keeping in mind that presidents use viral marketing through social media too, you’ll be that much closer to your campaign goals.