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Outsourcing medical billing and coding has become a popular practice among healthcare practices, hospitals, and other facilities. An efficient medical billing company can help its clients eliminate the problems associated with doing these jobs in-house, including costly billing errors and neglected old accounts.  Outsourcing helps improve healthcare establishments to improve their bottom line.

Here are some of the changes impacting the medical billing and coding industry:

  • Web-based medical billing: This is a new trend and insurance companies value it as it benefits them greatly. They can process the payment easily using the web based billing system. The medical billing specialist can avoid form filling and simply go to the website of the insurance company and enter the information. Insurance companies can avoid the need to have paid employees to do this job for them.
  • Electronic medical records: The introduction of electronic records has changed the way medical coding is done. This paper-free system can help coders work faster and more efficiently as it allows billing and coding work to be performed within the computer program. This has, however, given rise to some debates on confidentiality security issues.
  • Updates to codes: Another new development is the change from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes which will be implemented on October 2013. An additional 100,000 codes will be introduced and this will change entire coding system.
  • Telecommuting: This is becoming a popular alternative for medical billing. Employees can work from anywhere as it helps them to reduce travel cost. However, if the medical billing service is home-based, security could become an important issue.