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Having good content is an essential part of any effective website and content syndication using feed aggregators has proven to be the best available SEO strategy. So what is a feed aggregator? Well in Internet technology it is the software or a hosted application that collects feeds from various sources and displays it in a single view, either in a desktop window or in a web browser.

A feed aggregator that is also known as a feed reader / news reader or just aggregator, is a client’s or a web application/software which actually accumulates (or aggregates) syndicated Internet content like news headlines, blogs, and pod casts etc into one single website so that it can all be viewed easily without browsing around for it.

So what about the benefits of having a feed aggregator?

  • It reduces search time and creates a personal news paper
  • User determined retrieval / updating of feed interval
  • Easy to unsubscribed if desired

Many of the major portals like Yahoo and Google etc have aggregator built in programs that are also known as feed readers, feed aggregators, news readers, and search aggregators. It makes possible for the different types of contents to be viewed from just one window.

There are three types of web based aggregators.

  • Remote server web applications (like Google Reader/ Bloglines)
  • Web widgets and AJAX coding based feeds
  • Community based (not personal) aggregators

The client based aggregators have GUIs (Graphical User Interface) that are very user-friendly and may resemble popular portal designs. Plug-ins and extensions are also other types of aggregators. RSS feeds are also managed by programming language libraries. Also, there are aggregators with web feeds that may contain audio or video. These RSS enclosures are ways of attaching multimedia content to RSS feeds by providing the URL of a file associated with an entry, such as an MP3 file or a photo. However, do remember that an aggregator is different from an e-mail attachment because it has just hyperlinks to a file without embedding of actual data into the feed.

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