For health care organizations and businesses across the USA looking to become HIPAA compliant, there is a new source of information.

The web site, an online information center that list businesses in the document destruction industry has recently added a new resource on HIPAA compliance.

“We find that health care providers are looking for document shredding companies so that their company can meet government laws and regulations regarding the secure disposal of certain types of documents” says Glen Johnson, an editor at the site.

“So, in addition to having a large list of document destruction companies, we also wanted to make it a place where people can get more information about the actual laws they’re trying to comply with.”

Frequently misread as ‘HIPPA’, HIPAA is U.S. Public Law 104-191, titled the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Congress passed the Act to progress the health care offered by the nation’s various health plans and providers. The new part of the site has links and descriptions to dozens of HIPAA related resources including:

* The HIPAA act,
*The HIPAA edi (electronic data interchange)
* HIPAA laws
* HIPAA regulations
* HIPAA privacy manuals
* HIPAA medical billing software
* HIPAA training
* HIPAA consultants

“The HIPAA act is a complicated set of laws, and there are many web sites and documents on the internet with information. What we’ve tried to do is search out links to the top resources and put them in one convenient place.”