HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Software

by | Published on Jan 14, 2010 | Medical Billing

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HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Software for Protected Patient Data

It is important for people engaged in medical billing to use HIPAA compliant medical billing software. The reason – protecting patient rights and patient privacy is important. Now, one can take advantage of customized solutions, a great number of valuable features, and infinite scalability. Adherence to HIPAA regulations of confidentiality, transactions, and security is crucial. Indeed the purpose behind HIPAA guidelines is dependable storage of electronic data which can be retrieved in case of an emergency, and preventing unauthorized access to medical records.

Should be Current and Expandable

HIPAA adherence should be such that the software satisfies current laws and works in a hassle-free, efficient manner. When one approaches providers of medical billing outsourcing solutions, one should ensure that they use only HIPAA compliant medical billing software such as Medisoft and/or Eclipse. The software must be suitable for the intricacy and size of one’s business and expandable to satisfy future requirements. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of such secure software:

  • Privacy of data which helps to identify a patient such as name, photographs, social security number, license number, and medical record number.
  • Few errors if any.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Enables multitasking.
  • Cost-effective.

Other Essentials of an HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Practice

Other important aspects of HIPAA agreement in addition to HIPAA compliant medical billing software are: firewall protection, individual logins and passwords, round-the-clock onsite security, management of access list, data center locking, and so on.

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