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Insurance VerificationAccurate eligibility and insurance verification is a very important process when it comes to the claims denial management program in a healthcare office. Insurance eligibility verification service is a value-added service Outsource Strategies International (OSI) offers its clients with optimal results. An experienced medical billing outsourcing company in the U.S., OSI serves all medical specialties including urology. We assisted Coloplast, the Minneapolis (MN)-based healthcare company that develops products and services to make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. They offer products for wound care, surgical urology, and skin care among others.

The Challenge – to Provide Accurate Insurance Coverage Information to Urologists

Coloplast was looking for a cost-effective solution to help urologists carry out procedures with their products. Committed to extending support to physicians all over the United States to help them serve patients better, the company offered insurance information service too. They needed a partner to work with the urologist and secure insurance information for each of the procedures for which Coloplast was providing products.

The Solution OSI Offered

With extensive experience in serving various healthcare entities, we accepted the challenge and developed a scheme by which urology offices could contact us directly for our service. Services offered include:

  • Verifying the insurance eligibility and benefits of the patient, before a urology office schedules a patient procedure.
  • Checking the active primary and secondary medical coverage of the patient with the insurance company and confirming details such as – co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, patient policy status, plan type, effective date, procedure coverage, prior authorization requirements and claims mailing address.

With our team’s dedicated support, the urology offices were able to schedule procedures confidently and have a clear idea of the available coverage under their respective insurance plans.

Coloplast Very Satisfied with Our Benefits Verification Service

The client is very happy with our service. With the services offered by OSI, Coloplast has been able to raise its revenue. The company is able to fully focus on helping its clients, without any issues in getting the insurance verification done. Beginning with one urology office in July 2013, we are now working with 16 offices all over the United States as part of the ongoing project with Coloplast.

As L. Doran, CPC – the reimbursement specialist of Coloplast says, “I’m very grateful for the work you and your team have put in to make our Benefits Verification Service work so well. Thank you for handling everything quickly, efficiently, and always with grace and humor.