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Medical billing and coding have an important role to play in ensuring that physicians get paid what’s due to them. The more efficient these services, the faster the reimbursements. The more often your claims are denied or delayed, the more times you’re losing payment for yourself and valuable revenue for your practice. The problem with in-house billing and coding is that your staff may not have adequate experience and may commit errors owing to this or due to monotony and tight deadlines. Outsourcing these tasks would help you cut overhead costs for these tasks, reduce errors and denials and maximize reimbursements.

How a Medical Billing Outsourcing Company Can Help You

A professional medical billing company has billers who are skilled in using advanced billing software. It also has on staff AAPC certified medical coders who are very familiar with HCPCS, CPT and ICD-9 codes. These specialists have excellent knowledge of medical terminology, a fundamental understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and good computer skills. These are assets no doubt. In addition, the company would organize its services in such a manner that:

  • It is up-to-date in billing procedures
  • Patient enrolment, insurance enrolment, verification and authorization; coding and audits, payment posting, account assessment and denial management, and AR management are systematically handled
  • Its staff are well-versed in the codes for a particular procedure for a particular insurance company
  • Payment requests are sent to the right department to avoid delays
  • There is access to claim status reviews and aging reports
  • Primary and secondary claims are filed on time
  • Patients are billed for outstanding balances
  • Follow-up is done on denied or delayed claims
  • Statements of collections and charges are made available
  • There are adjustment and receipt assessments
  • You get reports at intervals

More and Faster Reimbursements

Outsourcing medical billing and coding tasks to a reliable medical billing company would ensure that you definitely get more reimbursements than before, and faster.