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Internal LinkingBuilding a well-structured site is an art that should be based on strong scientific strategies to give you the desired business success. However, in our quest to find the best linking strategies we tend to look more outward rather than inward. Have you ever thought how internal linking can be strategically utilized to make your site a success? If you haven’t, it’s time you considered this effective though often ignored tactic.

Internal linking involves adding links from your own content. This SEO technique helps to establish site architecture and spread link juice.

Finding the Best in Your Website

“Best” can be defined as those website pages that give you maximum revenue. Once you have identified them, the next step is to link them to other pages you want to promote. This acts as indicators which tell search engine crawlers that those pages are important. It helps channelize the vital link juice to the right spots. Though building internal links might be tedious, you will find that it’s in every way worth the effort.

Help Visitors Go to Key Pages Using Main Navigation

You can skillfully use your main navigation to direct users to go to the key pages, by adding keyword rich links. A simple method is placing your most important pages at the top of the list. You should remember though that Google recommends not using more than 100 links on any page. A page usually gets only one link and adding more than one link doesn’t give your SEO any additional spike.

Internal Linking via Breadcrumb Navigation

Adding keywords in your breadcrumb navigation or sub-navigation is a wonderful internal linking strategy. Remember how Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs to navigate back to their homes? That’s exactly the intent of using breadcrumb navigation when it comes to large websites. But you can go one step ahead and also utilize the right keywords, making it a better and more effective trail line for your traffic to find your most profitable pages.

The Good Old Sidebars – a Great Way to Link

YouTube has made the best ever use of sidebars. It is a good old fashioned way of linking up the important pages. When the sidebars are prioritized based on related content, with good stuff staked above and presented in a format that is eye-catching but not overshadowing the main content, it helps to enhance the linking.

Internal link building is an underrated technique that has tremendous potential. In fact, many experts have pointed out that it is one of the most overlooked SEO techniques. Make sure that your SEO marketing gives this strategy due importance. Your SEO provider should utilize internal linking techniques effectively to give you the desired edge against competitor websites.