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Search engine optimization, also called search engine marketing, is a process of promoting a website’s ranking in search engine listings. During the process, one has to consider a number of ranking factors such as:

  • Keywords or keyword phrases
  • Website title, description and text
  • Links

Keyword selection is the first step. Here the optimizer has to consider the phrases what the people are trying to search on. Most of the single words are competitive in search engines, thus try to use phrases. A list of such keyword phrases for each page will tend to generate high ranking.

Some search engines put high priority to the title words when calculating ranking a website. Having important keywords in the title will be an advantage. Some search engine algorithms follow guidelines on the number of characters that can have in title section. The simply listing keywords in the title may lower search engine ranking or even remove your listing from search engine results.

Description part is also a major consideration. Use the best keywords or keyword phrases in the description. In order to make a good sense, use keywords as close to the beginning of description. In the case of text, use keyword phrases and tags such as alt tags, Meta tags, and headings. A content rich page increases your ranking.

Links, including both inbound and outbound links, is a good idea to increase page ranking. There are four ways to acquire links – directory linking, reciprocal linking, content donations, and purchasing links from other top ranking sites. In addition, links from blogs increase website traffic dramatically.

Even though, there is no any clear cut rules to identify good search engine optimization, adopt only the search engines approved techniques for your website promotion. Nowadays, search engine algorithms are more advanced in determining what rules are used during the optimization process.