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Commonly pronounced as Hick-Picks, the HCPCS (The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) provides a standard coding system by describing all details of health care that is delivered. Medical coding of this kind is required by all health insurance programs including Medicare and Medicaid and has become a mandatory procedure today for being HIPAA compliant. There are two levels of HCPCS codes. While the Level I is numeric and consist of the American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), the Level II codes are alphanumeric, and includes all the non-physician services such as ambulance services, prosthetic devices etc. The CPT codes basically identify medical services and procedures furnished by physicians and other health care professionals.

Level II HCPCS coding are representing the different items, supplies, non-physician services that are not covered by the CPT-4 codes. It is a standardized system that classifies similar products that are medical in nature into clear categories and thus simplifies the insurance claim process. Each alphanumeric HCPCS code has a descriptive terminology that identifies a category of items. Thus various suppliers use HCPCS level II codes to identify items on claim forms that are being billed to the health insurer. It ensures uniform reporting on claims forms of medical items or services. The codes identify categories of similar items or services rather than specific products.

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