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Linking strategies is an efficient way to promote and advertise a website. Linking helps web users to navigate from one website to other while searching for a particular subject. Also, it is important for driving traffic and search engine ranking for a website. The more quality links to a website have, the more traffic to the site. A top ranked website can not only attract the visitors but also convert them into customers and retain them for a longer period.

Link strategies are necessary for website promotion. Well placed, quality inbound links are so important in the Internet strategy, because the links are the source of consistent and targeted traffic. By using the best tools in the Internet strategies, inbound links can even make additional search engine traffic to a website.

There are three primary linking strategies – reciprocal linking, purchasing test links and applying a link finding service. In reciprocal linking, two websites exchange quality links with each other. Exchanging links with other partner websites will build a link directory and that will stimulate visitors to bookmark your website to get access to your link directory. Quality of inbound links, relevancy of partner website, and the number of links from partner website are the three key factors for successful reciprocal linking. The essentials of a reciprocal linking program are:

  • Website name
  • Web address (URL)
  • Name and email address of website owner
  • The resulting deal and status of deal
  • Link validation
  • Periodical website analysis

Purchasing test links from top ranked websites is another way to increase a website’s ranking. Normally this is happened only after website optimization. Purchasing links to increase link popularity is not an easy task. The critical success factors in purchasing test links are:

  • Avoid link trading with websites that don’t look like they are in link trading
  • Don’t use footer text link ads
  • Buy links from those sites that are relevant to your website and have better search engine ranking

Although, buying text links and applying link finding service are costly, both can produce quick results for your link building campaign. Otherwise, once you get links from other websites, you have to review those sites for quality content and compatibility. Then, you have to contact the website master or website owner for establishing reciprocal link between these two sites.

In order to make the above mentioned linking strategies are right for, you should have

  • Good knowledge in website design and using HTML editor and FTP software
  • Professional knowledge in every day website operations
  • Experience in affiliate programs
  • Knowledge in search engine optimization
  • Enough experience to trace out appropriate link building strategies

Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal, the President of OSI, has a wealth of experience as a healthcare business consultant in the United States. He has a keen understanding of current medical billing and coding standards.

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