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One of the main arguments in support of in-house billing is that the physician has better control over the process. However, this is far from true if the practice is a busy one and the physician has little time to spare to see to his billing. Problems would arise if the in-house billing manager fails in his commitment or suddenly decides to quit his job! The practice could be left with bills that are uncollected and past the filing deadline, workers compensation cases that were not attended to, or even unpaid claims on personal injury cases that were not properly tracked.

Making the decision to outsource medical billing and coding could be the answer to all these problems. There would be no issue of the job being left undone when the in-house biller makes the decision to quit. The question of training a new biller would not arise. Professional medical billing companies can work on the billing software in the practice or their own, so there is no need for the physician to invest in a new system. Coding would be done by experienced AAPC coders, leaving little room for error. The service provider’s team would also work in conjunction with the staff in the practice and ensure a smooth workflow. Timely and regular reports would be provided to the physician, keeping him informed of the claim submission and reimbursement position. The physician gets more time to attend to his practice. Assigning the medical billing and coding task to the right medical billing company would also ensure 100% HIPAA compliance.