Medical Billing Companies – for Effective Denial Management

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Medical Billing Company
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When insurance carriers reject claims for reimbursement, it amounts to considerable loss of revenue. A lot of denials result in a cash flow problem. Thus it becomes necessary to have an effective denial management plan to enable you to limit your denials to 4 percent, less or practically nil. This is where medical billing companies come to the fore. Such companies that are established and HIPAA compliant have a lot of experience in denial management and can therefore help you minimize denials.

Error-free Billing for Fewer Denials

A common reason for claim denials is medical billing errors. The errors can be in terms of invalid or wrong CPT and ICD-9 codes, no preauthorization, incorrect identification numbers, wrong patient demographic data and so on. A medical billing company will take note of the claims that were accepted and those that weren’t. The billing experts at the company have great decision making skills. They will put themselves in the position of the insurance carrier, do extensive groundwork and observe denial trends to identify ambiguities responsible for denials. This is so that the error can be corrected and the claim submitted again or an appeal filed.

Knowledgeable, Up-to-date and Good Decision Makers

In addition to the above, the experts at the company keep track of industry updates and give due importance to detail. They will also be geared up to adhere to different deadlines. This just goes to show that the services of a reputable medical billing company are something you wouldn’t want to do without for denial management or any other kind of billing assistance. Benefit from cleaner claims, faster reimbursement and increased revenue with services from a reliable provider.

Natalie Tornese

Holding a CPC certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), Natalie is a seasoned professional actively managing medical billing, medical coding, verification, and authorization services at OSI.

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