The Naples based Coding Institute has published the following Coding manuals. These how-to manuals are easy to read, and specifically tailored for selecting the appropriate codes each time. These manuals will help in making your coding compliant without struggle. Chapters are packed with practical tips, strategies and tricks of the trade that one can try immediately to and benefit.
So here is just the list of the manuals.

For details/availability on each of these manuals do go to

  • 2008 Modifier Coding Survival Guide
  • 2008 Part B Coder’s Rule Book
  • 2008 Cardiology Coder’s Survival Guide
  • 2008 E/M Coder: Professional Edition
  • 2008 Gastroenterology Coder’s Survival Guide
  • 2008 General Surgery Coder’s Survival Guide
  • 2008 Orthopedic Surgery Coder’s Survival Guide
  • 2008 Primary Care Coder’s Survival Guide
  • 2008 Urology Coder’s Survival Guide
  • 2008 CPT Implementation Guide
  • 2008 ICD-9 Update Guide

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