The AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) had conducted a survey (for the year 2007) questioning 5155 professional coders and the results clearly revealed the fact that certified coders earn an average of 17 percent more than their non-certified counterparts.

The survey revealed the range of salary today for the 3 different categories of coding professionals;

  • Noncertified coders earn (on average) $25K-$30K
  • Certified coders earn $30K-$35K
  • Specialty certified coders earn $35K-$40K

Here are some more facts that the survey indicated;

  • 41 percent of coding positions are closed to non-certified coders
  • Specialty coders get the most pay.
  • Only one percent of non-certified coders took home over $85,000.
  • Coding professionals from urban locations earned more than suburban or rural locations.
  • More years of experience means more earnings
  • Graduate coders earn more than non graduate coders

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