Do you wish to be a certified medical coder? Are you confused about which coding certification exam is to be taken? It is true that the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services) has recommended the physician offices and other healthcare facilities to employ certified coders. Only AAPC’s certifications are nationally recognized by employers seeking ethical, accurate and experienced coders.

Remember that today various employers, payers and government agencies including the Department of Labor, currently only recognize AAPC’s CPC for physician and outpatient coding, and AHIMA’s CCS for inpatient coding. Thus there are the following choices,

  • Certified Procedural Coder – Hospital (CPC-H)
  • Certified Procedural Coder (CPC)
  • Certified Procedural Coder – Payer (CPC-P)
  • Specialty Credentials

The CPC exam addresses physician billing and is suited for those working in any physician office, hospital associated physician’s office, health agency, physician billing service, auditor of physician claims, consultant or an educator.

Take the CPC (H) exam if you are working in areas of billing of Ambulatory Patient Categories (APC), hospital APC departments, ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient billing coding service, consultants, and educators.

The (CPC-P) exam concentrates on coding and billing after it has been submitted to the payer. So take this exam if you are a claims manager/auditor for a payer, a post-billing auditor for a physician group or in related facility billing service, an consultant, educator or a physician. Specialty credentials are to enable CPCs, CPC-Hs, CPC-Ps, CCSs, CCS-Ps, RHIT and MDs to demonstrate their superior levels of expertise in selected specialty disciplines.

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