Clinical Documentation ImprovementClinical documentation improvement (CDI) solutions along with accurate medical billing and coding services are now critical for healthcare specialists to eliminate gaps in the reimbursement and revenue cycle. According to a survey by Black Book Research, 90% of US hospitals report they gained at least $1.5M in healthcare revenue after implementing clinical documentation improvement.

In this survey of 907 healthcare leaders, it was found that hospitals enhanced quality of care and the organization’s bottom line by using the CDI programs after the ICD-10 transition.

Key findings of the report are –

  • Since the ICD-10 launch date, the number of community and large hospitals contracting for external CDI solutions nearly doubled
  • Approximately 85 percent of hospitals experienced quality improvements and case mix index increases after CDI implementation
  • Because of its potential to increase healthcare revenue and optimize high-value specialist utilization, 87% hospital financial officers consider the case mix index improvement as the largest motivator for CDI adoption
  • 88 percent of hospital and physician financial executives are actively trying to link care with analytics and outcomes to support healthcare consumerism and shift to value-based payments through vendor solutions.
  • 76 percent of hospitals that have not adopted CDI programs stated that CDI has risen to the top of 2017 budget priority lists, especially since ICD-10 implementation is over.
  • Because of physician acquisitions and EHR replacement projects, many healthcare providers are now considering CDI and coding solutions replacement.

Though EHRs certainly play a key role in the industry, the survey reports that half of acute care respondents were not confident that their EHRs effectively captured the patient data to meet developing clinical documentation needs for population health and big data initiatives.

According to the lead author of the study, “CDI is a key step in dramatically improving operational efficiency in healthcare organizations. Failing to address flaws in documentation processes has resulted in higher incidences of errors, financial losses and diminished patient care, and struggling hospitals will not survive on that old path.”

As clinical documentation is at the core of every patient encounter, the demand for successful CDI programs offered by experienced medical coding companies has increased now.