Five Cost-Effective Steps to Market Your Practice OnlineWith the Internet taking over people’s lives in once unimaginable ways, there’s hardly any business that does not want online visibility. Physician practices are no different, and for them, the success mantra is usually a strong local presence. A well-managed Internet marketing campaign can go a long way in increasing attracting targeted traffic to your practice and increasing your ROI. Here are some cost-effective ways to enhance the online presence of your practice:

  • Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly – If you enter the name of your practice in Google’s search bar, your website would appear on the top of the search result page. But, this may not happen if you enter a search term that relates to where your practice is located. For instance, if you are a dental surgeon located in Connecticut, and you enter ‘dental surgeon Connecticut’ in the search box, it’s unlikely that your website would appear on the first or even second page of the search results – unless you have implemented specific strategies to make your site search engine friendly. Only the right combination of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can boost your site’s search result rankings.
  • Post blogs on Your Site – Search engines love good, informative blogs. So posting blogs on your website regularly can get you noticed. Blogs could be about your practice and your staff, recent medical developments, medical advice and information about the various treatments you provide. Posting blogs can increase the number of visitors to your site.
  • Create a unique brand for your practice – To promote your practice online, you need to come up with a brand that is unique, displays positive qualities of your practice and reflects your goals. It’s alright to get ideas from your competition, but don’t copy what they are doing.
  • Convey a Positive Message – Update your website with content that is attractive and informative that can induce visitors to stay longer. Include images and videos of your staff, special technology that you employ for various treatments, and unique services that you provide. If you are a plastic surgeon, posting before and after photos of successful treatments is a great way to tell website visitors and potential patients about your skill.
  • Install Google Alerts to track your online reputation – With Google Alerts, you will receive an email every time somebody mentions your name or your practice online. If a person says something negative about your practice, you contact him or her and can work it out with them personally.

A professional SEO company can help you implement these healthcare marketing tactics effectively. The right company can also help you build your image on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as social media marketing has become as crucial for physician practices as it is for other businesses.