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Properly streamlined medical office patient scheduling minimizes scheduling mistakes and wasted time. It also enhances the management of patient flow. The scheduling of patients is no doubt a challenging job. Patient scheduling should work to make patient traffic predictable and efficient to ensure good revenue flow, and patient satisfaction.

Advantages of Medical Office Patient Scheduling

Given below are some of the common advantages associated with medical office patient scheduling:

  • Easy location of vacant time slots for a patient.
  • Automated or phone based appointment reminders help to reduce no-shows and missed appointments.
  • Multi-user and 24/7 accessibility.
  • Enables appointment schedules to be accessed from wherever there is internet access.
  • Appointments can be viewed by day, month or week.
  • Appointment details can be shared.
  • Minimizes overbooking situations.
  • Can work with multiple office locations and physicians.
  • Separate appointment schedules can be made for varied resources to facilitate easy management of these resources.
  • Custom reports.
  • Enables checking of insurance and demographic information.
  • Provides for effective management of rooms, providers, nurses and equipment.
  • Enhances patient loyalty and improves bottom-line.

Outsourcing Can Help to Reduce Scheduling Hassles

Outsourcing is an option which many healthcare providers choose to ease the challenges of appointment scheduling. Using their own online software or the medical office patient scheduling software of the client, they deliver timely, suitable solutions. Outsourcing companies also provide a kind of call center service. This involves taking calls for the client and scheduling appointments and/or rerouting the calls in accordance with the client’s instructions.