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Medical OutsourcingMedical outsourcing has gained new meaning with health reform. In fact, hospitals, private practices, and other healthcare facilities can enjoy unlimited advantages by outsourcing tasks such as transcription, medical coding and billing, AR collections, forms processing, website design, document conversion, data entry, and other non-core operations.

How is Health Reform Impacting the Outsourcing Decision?

  • Health reform will increase coverage to 32 million more Americans. This means that healthcare providers should prepare themselves for more patients. Practices with staff that manage both billing activities and patient needs, would find it difficult to manage both simultaneously. Outsourcing is the solution. It would help reduce the costs associated with maintaining in-house billing and coding staff and at the same time, allow their workers to look after patient needs better.
  • Electronic health records (EHR) will be in place by 2014, connecting all the healthcare providers as well as patients. Practices making “meaningful use” of EHR will assure financial incentives from the Medicare and Medicaid programs. What better way to ensure smooth migration to EHR than outsourcing transcription and medical record management to a professional medical outsourcing company?
  • With the demand for healthcare services set to increase dramatically, competition among providers will also increase. Practices that don’t want to be lost in crowd could gain through SEO services. Search engine optimization strategies for medical websites include a whole gamut of services – from content writing, blogs, link building and website design to social media optimization – all designed to provide the healthcare practice with greater online visibility.

It’s quite clear that medical outsourcing offers seamless benefits and great opportunities for better revenue management. Success, of course depends on locating the right outsourcing company.