Inherent strength in quality of the human resources pool internationally is leading a run towards globalization. It has become more of a reality now than ever before. Though information technology is at the fore front of this major shift in business model, other sectors such as health care are becoming an area where outsourcing is becoming more prevalent.Rising malpractice premiums, increasing expenses, reduction in insurance payments, all these are very fact of life in a medical practice, whether it is a hospital, outpatient practice, surgical centers or a long term care facility. Influenced by a variety of factors including the above is forcing facilities to promote cost cutting measures, which also involve outsourcing. With the global healthcare industry increasingly under pressure due to regulations and the need for cutting cost, there is a huge move towards globalization in this industry.Some of the functions in healthcare that is getting outsourced are:
These functions are at present being outsourced with Medical transcription being the most common. Countries that are benefiting from this rapid change are India and Philippines. The growth curve is showing that all these functions are in the process of being outsourced at a rapid pace. This will be a major change in the way healthcare services to facilities will be viewed. This will improve production and improve the bottom line.More on each service later:
Rajeev Rajagopal
Vice President
Outsource Strategies International