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Medical record review services are highly beneficial to medical record management companies, insurance firms and legal support companies. Medical record reviews contain a precise summary of all important information located in medical records, enabling easy perusal. Medical record review is significant in any personal injury and malpractice case. Service providers in this area offer medical record reviews for medico-legal case review companies to facilitate easy access to patient case information.

Medical record review includes collection and organization of medical records, medical treatment process details and other significant aspects regarding a particular medical case. Medical record review services help to assess the relative benefits of a potential claim. These reviews are important to attorneys preparing a case. The information received through medical case reviews is also important in out of court settlements. Providers of medical record review services take great effort to ensure that the reviews are made in such a way as to meet unique litigation requirements.

Experts with specialized clinical knowledge and consulting skill evaluate medical records including admission summary, discharge summary, progress notes, emergency room records, consultation reports, operating room records, physician’s notes, laboratory reports and other related data. The important information given in medical reviews includes hospital stay; diagnostic findings; the opinions of medical professionals with regard to causation, appointment, and disability; medication in use; and the patient’s deposition testimony.

Medical record review services are available for all types of issues such as industrial or commercial accidents, exposure to toxic substances, occupational injuries and illness, multiple trauma, pedestrian accidents, sports injuries, commercial vehicles, medical devices and many more.

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