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Running a medical practice is like running a business. You need to ensure the maximum return for your investment, while keeping your patient care goals in sight. The right SEO tactics are necessary to increase your SERPs, drive traffic to your medical website, and enhance the quality and quantity of web driven leads. Here is an overview of the medical SEO strategies that can provide your website with a competitive advantage:

  • Content is king. Few things more important to your SEO campaign than creating interesting and optimized content that holds the visitor’s interest. Integrating well researched keywords and keyphrases, page level optimization, and an effective call to action are integral elements in professionally created content.
  • On page optimization is crucial. Updating with components like Meta Title, Meta Description, H1, H2, and H3 are must-haves. Each page of your medical website should have a unique topic, unique title, unique description and distinct key-phrase.
  • Focus on local listings can raise your competitive advantage. The geographic location where your practice is based and the market you intend to focus on is vital for your medical SEO. For instance, a plastic surgery practice in New York could have a search targeting ‘liposuction in New York’.
  • A blog can do wonders for your website. It’s a great way to get Google to notice your site. Keeping blogging for higher SERPs.
  • Make your site user-friendly, meaning easy to navigate. Each category that your practice serves should have a separate page and be listed clearly. Try to keep categories to a minimum.
  • Your Home page should have an action. This is something that you want a potential client to do. For instance, ‘schedule an appointment’ or ‘contact us’.
  • See which SEO strategy works best for you. Organic SEO, per-per-click, social media optimization and online publicity campaigns – focus on the one that works best for your medical website.

Put your medical SEO in professional hands. An experienced SEO company would have all the skill and technology to implement the right strategies to raise your SERPs and bottom line.