AHDI or The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity has its headquarters in California and offers a voluntary certification examination for those who wish to become CMTs (Certified Medical Transcriptionists). The exam called as the AHDI Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) Exam consists of not only medical transcription related knowledge but also transcription performance testing. Besides conducting of such continuing education examinations, AHDI is also into offering information on the MT industry and helps for better communication among those allied with the transcription profession.

So who can take this exam? Well it is required to have two years of transcription experience in acute care-type setting or equivalent experience in some multispecialty department/environment to take the CMT exam. According to AHDI, the exam is for those candidates who possess the knowledge and skills identified as a Professional Level 2 MT in AHDI’s “Medical Transcriptionist Job Description”.

Testing centers are located worldwide and throughout the US. The Test is conducted by the well known testing agency Prometric that conducts this examination and well known to also provide expertise and support to associations, state credentialing agencies, and private industry in the development, scoring, and reporting of exams. Do checkout the Prometric website http://www.prometric.com/ However all application to take the CMT exam internationally must be made to AHDI. An Authorization to Test ID will be issued by AHDI within 2 weeks of the application.

Once individuals complete the exam successfully they will be recognized as Certified Medical Transcriptionists and can start using the CMT designation. This certification is valid for three years. Here is the link to the candidate guide for the AHDI CMT Examination: https://www.aamt.org/
Application for the exam can be given at https://www.aamt.org/

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