Medical transcription service that is HIPAA compliant helps save money, time, relieves workload and addresses all safety concerns. With the ever-growing number of patients, it might not always be possible for healthcare entities to cater to the needs of patients and simultaneously maintain their numerous medical records. Doctors who are incessantly stressed out and always run short of time will appreciate the benefits offered by such a service.

Well established and reputable outsourcing companies undertake all medical transcription related work and process the work focusing on quality and standard. They comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. Patients’ medical records are kept confidential and privacy is respected at all times. The transcribed data is output in electronic format (text). The file is encrypted and sent via secure FTP to prevent any leakage of data.

Professional medical transcriptionists transcribe a wide range of medical records ranging from clinic notes, office notes, x-ray reports to emergency room notes, pathology reports and laboratory reports. In order to manage large quantities of work, outsourcing companies utilize state-of-the-art equipment and software to address the issue effectively.

A high level of accuracy is maintained as all the processed work is scrutinized by proofreaders and editors. Quality analysts further check the work and ensure that the work meets the required standards. Most of the medical transcription companies guarantee 99% error free transcribed work.

Hiring the services of a medical transcription company would be a cost-effective option. Turnaround time (TAT) is less because the large number of dedicated staff and professionals in the field carry out the work on a 24/7 basis.

HIPAA compliant medical transcription service from reliable transcription companies carries a number of advantages.  Healthcare entities including individual physicians can rest assured that their patient documents are safe in the hands of trustworthy transcription service providers, and focus more on patient care.