What is RMT? It is a voluntary lower/entry level “Registered Medical Transcriptionist” credential offered by AHDI. The advanced level credential is the CMT or the Certified Medical Transcriptionist. What was the purpose of having such an examination and credential? The RMT exam was developed to assure consumers and employers that successful candidates are qualified to practice medical transcription and based on the skills and knowledge described in the AHDI Model Job Description Level 1 MT and the competencies outlined in the AHDI Model Curriculum.

The RMT credential is maintained upon the successful completion of a required online course, including a final exam, and payment of a renewal fee. The AHDI also offers different training programs beside these credentials. Who is eligible for this exam?

  • Recent Graduates
  • MTs with less than 2 years experience
  • MTs practicing any single medical specialty

The testing process consists of testing of both medical transcription-related knowledge items and also transcription performance items. The exam is taken from any of the Thomson Prometric test centers that are located worldwide.

The RMT credential is given immediately after passing of the examination at the testing center. The credential is valid for three years only. Renewal is done after taking an exam and by paying a renewal fee. More details are available at, https://www.aamt.org/

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