Online Patient Appointment Scheduling

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Online patient appointment scheduling is the key to avoiding time wastage associated with a frustrating and incompetent scheduling system. It enables better running of the medical practice when compared to the paper based methods of the past.

Making Patient Scheduling Less of a Challenge

Factors like time constraints and the appearance of unscheduled patients make medical office patient scheduling a challenging process. Patient care is an important vocational duty and more time can be spent towards this duty by a simplification of the patient scheduling process. For all these reasons, online patient appointment scheduling is a preferred option.


Given below are some common features of online patient appointment scheduling:

  • Vacant time slots can easily be located.
  • Patients can be conveniently scheduled for exams, treatments, procedures, and visits.
  • Insurance and demographic information can be verified.
  • Makes easy double-booking or triple booking of patients.
  • Ensures billing of all attended patients.
  • Enables alterations to be made at the time of an emergency or unavailability of staff.
  • Makes easy patient appointment, rescheduling, cancellation and confirmation.
  • Minimizes scheduling errors.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Time saving.

Web-based online appointment scheduling would reduce no shows, thereby increasing revenue. It would also result in increased patient compliance.

Approach a Good Outsourcing Solution Provider

Online patient appointment scheduling can easily and seamlessly be integrated with call-center or multi-office scheduling. It is preferable to outsource the scheduling process to a reputable medical outsourcing solution provider. If the provider is HIPAA compliant, that’s doubly good. Using either your appointment scheduling software or their online software, they would deliver a custom, timely and cost-effective solution.


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