Our medical billing and coding company is glad to announce that our “January is Glaucoma Awareness Month: Spread the Word, Protect Vision” has been featured in BC Advantage Magazine, the highly acclaimed CEU-approved national online healthcare publication. The article, written by Natalie Tornese, CPC, Senior Group Manager at Outsource Strategies International (OSI), appears in the Jan / Feb 2022 | Issue 17.1 of the magazine in the Billing and Coding Category.

OSI stays abreast with all happenings in the medical industry and regularly publishes articles and blogs on medical billing and coding as well as other interesting developments in the field of medicine.

The article discusses the importance of observing Glaucoma Awareness Month, which is celebrated in January. The leading cause of vision loss and blindness, glaucomais a group of eye disorders that lead to progressive damage to the optic nerve. More than 3 million people in the U.S. have glaucoma and the National Eye Institute expects this number to reach 4.2 million by 2030. Glaucoma is known as “the sneak thief of sight” as symptoms may not be obvious initially.

Glaucoma Awareness Month aims to spread the word about this sight-stealing disorder. The article notes that as Glaucoma runs in the family, patients can spread awareness by talking to their family members about the condition and encouraging them to get checked and screened for glaucoma. Those who understand their condition are more likely to manage themselves prudently as they follow their prescribed care plans, and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Along with highlighting the importance of Glaucoma awareness month, the article also discusses key points such as risk factors, types, signs and symptoms, early diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma. It also provides an overview of documenting glaucoma and related conditions using ICD-10 codes.

“As a company that has been providing medical billing, coding and other support functions such as insurance verifications and authorizations for medical offices in the USA for more than 15 years, we are proud of our accomplishments. Getting featured on BC Advantage Magazine validates our company’s culture of hard work and customer service,” says Rajeev Rajagopal, President of Managed Outsource Solutions.

Along with contributing articles and blogs on medical billing and coding, OSI has been successfully providing accurate medical billing, coding, and insurance verification services to the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. The company’s AAPC-certified coders have a strong understanding of ICD-10-CM and CPT requirements and procedures, and stay up-to-date with coding changes, payer-specific documentation requirements, and state and federal regulations.

Moreover, to provide customized solutions for all medical specialties, OSI leverages its medical billing and coding expertise. Their experience and expertise have been continuously recognized and featured by BC Advantage Magazine, the largest independent resource provider in the industry for medical coders and billers, healthcare auditors, practice managers, compliance officers, and clinical documentation experts.

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