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With the rising number of health-related incidents that need immediate attention, efficient urgent care services are necessary. Care has to be provided immediately, outside of the emergency department and without prior appointment. The quality of service is important as urgent care centers need to stay competitive. However, one of the greatest challenges facing them is getting claims reimbursed in a timely manner.

Proper procedures to ensure accurate urgent care medical billing are important if to improve reimbursement rates and steady cash flow. If billing procedures are not carried through accurately and efficiently, urgent care centers could find their claims getting rejected. Many are finding that the solution lies in outsourcing their billing tasks to an established medical billing company. This would ensure comprehensive solutions that cover:

  • Urgent care medical coding and billing by a team of skilled and efficient workforce
  • Billing solutions on advanced software such as Lytec, Misys, Medisoft, Medic, NextGen, Inception, IDX, Practice Admin, Eclipse, and e-clinical
  • Patient enrollment
  • Insurance verifications and authorizations
  • Reconciling of accounts
  • Accounts Receivable collections

A reliable service provider can even work with your own billing software. Efficient medical billing services would include client benefits such as free billing analysis, strict data confidentiality, daily/weekly/monthly status reports, and all-round customer service and technical support.