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Outsourcing is the process where a third party (who may be located domestically or in a offshore country) is used to perform a company’s in-house work. Outsourcing has many benefits and may involve many different types of activities.

Medical outsourcing of health sector back office processes like transcription, coding, and billing is growing by the day. Medical outsourcing work groups in offshore Asian countries like India and the Philippines are constantly trained to be conversant in US guidelines and standards and services like medical transcription is delivered on a daily or even a few hours turnaround basis.

In recent years medical outsourcing has taken a different path where people are seen taking flights out of the US to get surgeries done. Expensive heart or spine surgeries from cheaper countries mean savings in tens of thousands of dollars. Look at this 2006 Time magazine article titled “Outsourcing Your Heart” at,9171,1196429,00.html

One of the main reasons for the high cost of medical expenses in the US has been due to the lack of competition. Countries like India are planning and focusing on their medical tourism industry where patients from around the world will come for getting high quality health services at competitive rates. As India is a developing country development growth in this type of surgery outsourcing has to develop gradually. But when it comes to processes like medical transcription or medical billing India and the Philippines have already become the world’s favorite destinations.

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is a US based medical transcription company that offers total outsourcing solutions in all specialities of medical transcription, medical billing, and medical coding.