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Patient registration and appointment scheduling are two formalities that usually need to be completed before a meeting can occur between a patient and a doctor. Patient registration and appointment scheduling services are offered by reputable companies in the field which considerably ease the workload of a range of healthcare facilities and practitioners.

Information Commonly Required for Patient Registration

Patient registration involves the filling up of a specific form, and its submission. The common information that needs to be submitted during the registration process includes:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Phone number and/or Email address
  • Insurance information

Health and demographic information is also included in the patient’s personal medical record. Patient details will be carefully studied to decide whether he/she is eligible for insurance.

Challenges of Appointment Scheduling and the Solution

The scheduling of patients and doctors is very often a hassle and a headache for healthcare establishments. Appointment scheduling consumes valuable time that could have otherwise been used for medical duties of greater importance. Patients coming in for emergency appointments and the need to frequently cancel and reschedule appointments are factors that make the process more challenging. In addition, useful revenue is lost when:

  • A patient doesn’t show up for an appointment and further, the vacant time slot remains unfilled
  • An inability to cater to the needs of patients who call outside of regular hours

However, by availing of the services of a qualified outsourcing company, these problems can be limited and the scheduling process simplified. Proper organization of the patient registration and appointment scheduling process contributes to a successful medical practice.