According to the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report prepared by HubSpot, social media generate marketing leads that are twice that generated by telemarketing, trade shows, PPC and emails.

More and more physician practices, medical centers, and hospitals are discovering the power of is social media marketing and the benefits it offers them compared to other marketing campaigns. For example, medical device manufacturers are utilizing popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for better interaction with their customers. However, healthcare providers tend to shy away from conversations on social media because of the legal issues they might run into.

Pinterest offers an answer to this – on popular photo-sharing site, it’s the images you pin that do your marketing. It’s no wonder that industry experts are saying that Pinterest is a good place to begin your medical internet marketing campaign.

  • Pinterest promotes your brand – With an increasing number of patients relying on the Internet to search for good physicians, it’s important for you to have a strong, reputable Internet presence. For that you need to build your brand online. Pinterest is one of the best places to do that. By sharing photos of your facility, staff, procedures, products and services with visually attractive content rather than plain text content, Pinterest gets your targeted audience to notice your brand. Attractive images get repined for further visibility.
  • Minimum time required for content optimization – When it comes to content creation in Pinterest, less time is required when compared to Facebook and Twitter. For example, you don’t have to post three or five carefully created messages a day and then ready yourself to respond them. It is not necessary to optimize content everyday if you are using Pinterest.
  • Minimal social chatter – With Pinterest, you don’t have to monitor and respond to conversations every day. Complaints, negative reviews, possible, adverse event reports, and so on are minimal with Pinterest.

It’s important that you decide the goals of your Pinterest marketing campaign before you begin it. Use the right tools to measure how pinning helps you drive traffic or increase brand awareness. This will help you build the right social media optimization strategy for SEO success.