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Individual physicians, clinics and healthcare centers need to ensure accurate billing for maximum reimbursement. To succeed as a medical practitioner, your billing should be handled by medical billing specialists who have knowledge about compliance with government regulations including HIPAA, medical terminology including codes, and medical necessity.

Medical facilities are discovering that outsourced physician billing services are the best option. With many provisions of the Affordable Care Act coming into force in 2014 including compulsory insurance coverage, the role of medical billing is all set to expand. In-practice billing typically takes up a lot of time and resources and could result in costly errors.

A competent medical billing company has trained specialists on the job, handling everything from patient enrolment and verification to the checking of codes, submission of error-free claims in the prescribed format and payment collection. Usually all goes according to plan and the insurers pay promptly. However, in case a claim gets stuck somewhere or is denied due to some reason, a professional medical biller knows exactly what to do to follow up the issue and resolve it.

Outsource the billing tasks of your practice to the right service provider and gain from compliance with OIG regulations, and well documented and correctly coded claims for timely reimbursement. Choose a company that does not require a long-term contract, offers a free billing analysis, and provides flexible medical billing services to meet your specific needs.