Scope of Online Marketing

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Scope of Online Marketing
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The Internet era has thrown open a new pathway for today’s marketing. The Internet has made all traditional modes of business outdated and generated amazing new possibilities in business. Online marketing or internet marketing – a combination of marketing acumen and technology – uses the Internet as a medium to advertise and sell services and goods. Online marketing includes affiliate marketing, search engine marketing including search engine optimization, article marketing, blog marketing, pay-per-click search engine advertising, and e-mail marketing.

Today, more people are getting connected to the Internet and are ready to trade through it. This growing tendency to use the services of Internet connectivity increases the scope of online marketing. It also affects the operation of companies and organizations. Companies have changed their traditional business strategies into online marketing and have become full-fledged service providers with the facility to offer a full range of e-commerce products to suit customer needs and taste at any time.

Online marketing is cost effective and measurable compared to all other marketing strategies. It benefits both customers and marketers simultaneously. Customers can shop products 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and interact with sellers (via seller’s website) to find the product or service information they desire. Companies can interact with customers and enable them to learn more about customers’ needs, build good customer relationships, increase efficiency and reduce costs, and gain access to national and international markets quickly.

An essential component for successful online marketing is a high traffic website. To become a successful online trader is not easy, but it is possible through constant trial and error, regular monitoring of your website traffic, and referral rate per click.

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