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Search engine optimization advertising or sponsored search, is an online advertising strategy through which one can optimize a website to index it in the result pages of leading search engines. It is much hard to reach your potential customers if you do not promote your website effectively. Ethical search engine optimization advertising, an online media solution, is an efficient and affordable way of advertising a business website.

Website optimization advertising can be based on content context or keyword search. The content context advertising happens through a partner website and keyword search takes place through a leading search engine or its partner site.

Search engine optimization advertising is a complex internet marketing strategy so it needs careful selection of advertising techniques and tools. An effective advertising includes SEO website design and search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization advertising is mainly classified into two types, ethical and unethical, according to the type of techniques used. Ethical advertising use only the search engine approved techniques, while unethical advertising follows spamming techniques. Ethical techniques include the use of correct keywords in website content, search engine friendly website design, website optimization, and manual and automated submission services.

Optimists follow various forms of unethical SEO advertising techniques. Using such approaches may benefit only for the first instant but later it will spam to your website. The unethical methods include use of script tags and hidden text, meta-tag optimization, and gateway pages.

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