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During any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program it is essential to first answer the maximum number of questions about the concerned website. Only a web analysis tool can help us track the complete statistics of our website so that we get the answers to questions like which page gets more visitor, how many people see a specific web page or who are the visitors etc.

Once we make a proper study of this data it becomes easier to plan and execute the SEO work depending on what is the objectives of the site and what are the results that we prefer. While some are looking for more clicks conversions/ sales there are other sites that are not for any sales or profit. Before choosing a web analytics tool see if these common parameters found in web analytic software is good enough for you or do you require a deeper search analysis:

  • Total Hits/ server load
  • Total number of visitors on a page/site
  • Unique visitors (different users)
  • Location of the visitor
  • Browser info of visitor
  • Number of Page views by a visitor
  • Click path/click tree
  • Number of conversion
  • Number of registered/logged in users
  • Top Landing pages

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